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07-26-2010, 04:28 PM
Sorry for another Russia post >_> he is quite the popular fellow, haha :3

Anyways, I would like to cosplay a different uniform besides the tan one - all the cons I go to people just do that one and I guess I'd like to do something that stands out a little more. I was thinking about doing his Bloody Sunday uniform. I inquired about this in the main APH thread before the individual APH forum was made. Does anyone know where I could find photo references of uniforms like this one that I could use to help make my own? (since the actual strip doesn't give you that great of an idea of what it looks like, coat length, colors, etc.)

I was also thinking about maybe dressing up in a Soviet/KGB uniform for another Russia cosplay. I know the cold war feelings are pretty much gone, however I do understand that what some of the things the USSR did to its own people weren't that lovely. Is this a good idea or no? I'm just afraid of horribly offending everyone, which is what I DON'T want to do.

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07-27-2010, 06:30 AM
There are other canon uniforms for Russia. Like the CD cover Russia, Children's day Russia, "causal" Russia, Bloody Sunday Russia, to name some. You see more uniforms when you read the actual web comic then watching just the anime. I am doing the Bloody Sunday cosplay at AAC in the fall. (Another Anime Con)

07-27-2010, 10:11 AM
The Bloody Sunday uniform is the double-breasted navy one with the gold epaulettes, yes? I found some images (Mostly of other cosplayers) just doing a Google image search, but not much in the way of actual reference art.

RE: Adapting other uniforms... well, I've done it, and I doubt you'd be the first to do that particular one, and there's always an element of potential offence to be taken with Hetalia. The canonical uniforms are often not completely accurate - virtually all insignia are removed, colours are shifted over, and so on - so if you really liked the shape but weren't attached to the colour, you could change it to Russia's beige/tan, for example.