View Full Version : Yoko Littner photo shoot - El Mirage Lake, CA

07-29-2010, 12:22 AM
Hey y'all.....I'm itching to do a photo shoot. A few weeks ago, I went to El Mirage dry bed about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles to scout it out. It is this flat desert that folks used to shoot music videos and other stuff out there. If you google "El Mirage lake bed" you get an idea of the

I'm looking for a Yoko cosplayer here in Los Angeles or SoCal area interested in doing a photo shoot with me. The date is between August 4th to the 11th and I'll work out the date with whoever I shoot with. This may take a better part of a day. At least a hour and a half to get there and back - so that is 3 hours, plus probably a hour or two for shooting so you are looking at 5 hours or so here.

Oh, here's my Model Mayhem page

BTW : please contact me via ejenchuang >>AT<< gmail as I will be at Otakon and may not be able to check up on this forum.

thx !