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08-01-2010, 02:00 AM
So I'm a very new cosplayer, as a matter of fact I've only ever been to one con. I'm going to AWA in september and I've decided to do something quite ambitious for my first real cosplay that involves work, effort, and thought. I chose one of my favorite anime characters Char Aznable and I have a few questions as to how to pull off a stunt like this, as well as some feedback on my methods of creating a decent costume.

1) I intend to start with pants, I'm going to buy a set of scrub pants then go out to a fabric store and ask them to match the fabric, or at least the color. How many yards should I get and where can I get a pattern for a plain red shirt with an extended bottom

2) I intend to make the mantle (black half cloak thingy) with two sheets of fabric two yards of black one yard of gold, using scraps from the red above and scraps from the black and gold along with a stiffening board to make the collar zipper up the middle. Pretty easy in theory but I have no idea where to get any sort of pattern for the mantle or where to even start

3) The helmet/mask. I'm taking the easy way out here and buying a darth vader helmet and spray painting it white. the W commander insignia on the front of the mask will either be Plexiglas or Model Magic. The mask is the hard part, I'm not sure if it's supposed to be hard or made of cloth, but given that in the show it slowed down a rapier I'm going to go with hard. My plan here is to use a propane torch and a sheet of plexiglas then melt and mold it around into a shape that will fit my head then make a band across the top, after this is complete I'm going to gut some aviator sunglasses and glue the lenses behind the plexiglass, then wrap the thing in cloth stuffed with cotton.

If anybody has any better suggestions or answers to my questions I'd be incredibly grateful.

08-26-2010, 03:22 PM
yeah the base for casval is exactly like the vader helmet, if the fit is a little bit wobbly, try paper mache over the helmet and mache inside of it as well to make it tighter on your head. thats what i did when i made the helmet for the president from kujibiki unbalanced. german army helmet, similar shape to vader. it worked. (if you paper mache, start out by covering the vader helmet with aluminum foil so it takes the full shape of the helmet....)
the centerpiece to the helmet, if you did the paper mache, you could use polymer clay and bake the pieces then glue them on...

as for the mask, reguardless of wheather its supposed to be hard or soft, you could get those sheets of craft foam (the stuff kids make crowns and sun visors and stuff with) and cut to fit, i did that for my bf's tuxedo mask....any questions or anything, feel free to message me!