View Full Version : Female photographer located in Missouri, but travels for cons

Attic Cat
08-04-2010, 03:17 AM
Ello! My name is Jax and I am a cosplay photographer and photo editor. I am currently a senior getting my degree in photography, so I am no amateur. My next cons I plan on attending are
-Archon(St. Louis,MO)
-Motaku(Kansas City,MO)
-NakaKon(Kansas City,MO)
-Anime STL(St.Louis,MO)

-Nan Desu Con(Denver,CO)
- Anime Nebraskon(Omaha,NE)
-Bishie Con(St.Louis,MO)

If anybody wishes to hire a privet, dependable photographer, please PM me and we could discuss further details.

Thank you!