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Kaze Saffire
08-09-2010, 01:04 AM
So after about a year or so of my cousin attempting to talk me into getting into Soul Eater, I finally had enough knowledge to take a crack at my first Soul Eater cosplays this year ( at Otakon 10 to be more specific ) How did it go? Well, allow me to explain.

Thursday, July 29th, 2010: I cosplayed as Kilik from the Eve Party Nightmare episode. I even made his hat out of a hat I had that was basically the same color scheme except for the brim. So i taped over the brim and the insignia on the hat, and made the DC with a skull. There was supposed to be a photo shoot during the pre-registration, but only a Blackstar ( there WERE two but one went off ) and a Liz showed up, so we got a picture or two. And that costume kinda sorta went too waste ( although I'm not too sure people would have really got who I was going for in the first place. Especially without anyone there to have been my Fire and Thunder )

Friday, July 30th, 2010: For the second half of the day, I went as Spirit Albarn ( along with my cousin who was doing Stein ) I started off with a kind of makeshift wig ( for some reason, I seem to have a thing against them. Or at least I did. I bought a total of 3 that weekend... ), but then my cousin's friend called me a fail so I caved in when i went into the Dealers Room looking for one thing and bought a bright red wig ( although I realized a while after the fact that his hair is a bit longer than the wig I bought. But wigs aren't exactly cheap to begin with anyway... ) and became a true Spirit. I can honestly say I was truly in character, screaming "MAKAAAAAAAAA!!!" to every one that walked by. And you can bet at the photoshoot I was chopped several times, with and without Blair. I also got told by a Justin Law that I was being transferred to Europe. And this girl wanted to take a picture of my cousin as Stein, I asked her if she wanted me in too since I was his weapon, and she said yes ( as dumb as it sounds, that actually made me really happy. At Otakon 09, my first con/time cosplaying, my costumes were so terrible and nobody knew what I was going for, albeit one dealer when I did a "Bleach" cosplay, and as such, nobody wanted a picture of me. So this year, I kinda made that my goal and succeeded quite a bit ) I also went to go see Vic Mognogna, the voice of Spirit himself that day, and he totally called out to my costume while I was in line to get his autograph and complimented it. That right there pretty much ensured me bringing that costume backin the future. That and the fact that I can portray his character very well ( nearly had no voice the next morning. And I had two more Soul Eater character to imitate... )

Saturday, July 31st, 2010: I had a makeshift Death The Kid costume. But I was having a REALLY off morning ( due to a really off previous night at the Otaku Rave ) and I literally forgot just about EVERYTHING, encluding a du-rag that I had intended to use as my wig. I had one gun, and my tape on my blazer wasn't holding. Not to mention I only had ONE gun ( I had originally planned on bringing the Book of Excalibur and or a skateboard, but things kinda went sour... ) I went to the photoshoot for my cousin's friend since we finally convinced him to cosplay ( I lent him my Eve Party Nightmare Kilik costume ) but didn't stay long. I asked a Liz and Patty combo on the side for a photo and left. And then at night in the Video Gaming Room, I met a pretty cool girl who was cosplaying Liz. We were both "half-assed" so we took a picture. Suprisingly enough, although nobody wanted a picture of me, quite a few people recognized me without the wig and guns ( I at least had a sizeable amount of my Blazer still in tact ) I would have liked to have complained about something not being symmetrical though. Next time I do him, if ever, I'll need to do a much better job, meaning I need to make his necklace, REMEMBER my wig, and obtain his rings ( and probably bring along the Book of Excalibur just in case plans fall through again... )

Sunday, August 1st, 2010: For the first half of the day, I did Soul Evans. While nobody quite recognized me while walking around, nobody really kicked me out of the photoshoot either ( I didn't have the headband of justice, and in a refusal to wear skinny jeans, I had on semi-baggy sweats with tightening optioned bottoms, and Starbury sneakers that kinda sorta had the right color scheme ) As a matter of fact, I arrived a bit late, and somebody told me to get in with my characters because the Souls were in the process of having their picture taken. So I didn't have to let my costume go to waste, which was definetly a good thing, especially since I've got his character down quite well too ( I didn't get to do any epic Blackstar hug screams/runs except for with one of my friends though. I also didn't get any Blair boobie shots, because I didn't wanna be THAT pervy guy, especially in front of all those people. And no Maka chops, although I got enough of those as Spirit ) Next time I do him, I'd like to try and construct a scythe arm ( his original one. Not the Death Scythe version )

And with the success of my Soul Eater run, there are quite a few characters I'd still like to do, along with bringing those 3 ( maybe 4 ) back.

Sid ( When he was still alive ) Simple enough. I've got the braids. I've got a white jersey and jeans. And red stickers to make his name/number. White headband is also a go. He'll take no time at all.

Blackstar ( Enchanted Sword/Chain Scythe/Smoke Bomb modes? ) I get pretty creative at random at times. And as such, I'd be constructing my own Blackstar costume instead of paying out the wazoo ( with money I don't have I might add. Yeah, I'm one of those low budget Otaku ) I'd use this concept I used with the Kingdom Hearts costume I made ( taping a pair of pants to another ) for the pants, a whole lotta ducttape for various parts ( belt, ropes that dangle off his neck, etc. ) and as for his weapon(s), my cousin made a little chain scythe for his friend who was doing Blackstar Otakon weekend and I claimed it because the stuff he makes is awesome ( and the chain scythe on ebay is QUITE steep... ) the enchanted sword mode I can buy a black wooden sword from any dealer at a con ( they're ALWAYS there. I just don't buy one because it doesn't interest me. At least until now... ) and smoke bomb mode is just a black ball really.

Hiro: Just because he's an underrated character, and NOBODY does him. I can steal my cousin's blonde wig for his hair. I honestly wouldn't go into all those piercings just to be him ( I have one piercing and I guess I could throw a hoop in. But only for the con so people don't get the wrong idea... ) And I'm not all too crazy about contacts ( neither are my parents, who I think I bought the idea up to at least once in my life. Sometimes having perfect vision and then some sucks... ) And I have no idea how I'd pull off the whole tight purple pants thing. Yeah, this would be a fun project...I don't know if I'd be able to obtain his sword. So I think I'd make a cardboard Excalibur or something to that effect. Speaking of which...

Excalibur: There, I said it. There's obviously no way I'd be able to portray his nose ( thinking of at least taping over the tip and upwards in white tape ) But he wears all white. I think finding a pair of gloves to cover up my hands would be the hardest part. I could get a white fredora and tape up some compute paper or something to that effect for his "chef hat". And the can would take nothing more than taping up/painting as well. What I wouldn't give to just point my cane at people all day, call them a FOOL!!!, and ask them if they want to hear my legend, which dates all the way back to the 12th century, or not...

Gopher: I'll admit, I've only seen him like once or twice on a bookmark. And I havn't read ( yet ) any of the chapters of Soul Eater outside of the US released manga volumes ( minus the latest 3 because my cousin told me Excalibur came back and I wanted to see him ) By I know enough about his appearance and stuff to know that nobody has done him yet ( and is it just me, or does he look a bit like Ren/Len ( ? ) from Shaman King O.o )