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08-09-2010, 07:26 PM
Hi there I'm just wondering if anyone has any space left in their hotel and would be willing to share with me. My ride and hotel cancelled on me today and while I can just take a train their hotel is another matter. So if anyone has any room please let me know. I am willing to pay my fair share of course. Females only please.

Here's my info.

Name: Kate
Age: 20
Gender: F
Request: Hotel Space
Cost (what I'm willing to pay): No more than 75$ for the weekend
Cosplays: Anti-Form Sora, Yami Yugi, Generic YGOGX Character or HT Sora
Personality: Out going, energetic, friendly, easy going, hyper
Dislikes: Smoking, Drugs, Alcohol so please none of that
Sleeping Type: Light Sleeper