View Full Version : Soul Evans (Inner Form)

08-20-2010, 04:19 AM
So, my normal cosplay group has decided we're gonna try and do Soul Eater next year at AX. We've already got planned for Liz and Patty Thompson, Death the Kid, Shinigami-sama, and Stein. We might also have an Arachne or Marie, not sure on her yet.

So, I tried to figure out who I was going to go as. I kinda wanted to go as Stein, but we already have one, so I decided on either Black*Star, Excalibur, or Soul Eater. I looked over the character designs to figure out who I could do kinda well and enjoy. I had decided on Black*Star, but then remembered the nice suit that Soul wears in his "inner world". So, I've changed to that costume idea, and going to ask a fellow seamstress to help with making the Imp as well.

Any comments/advice?