View Full Version : Twilight Princess Link: Chain mail

08-25-2010, 02:59 PM

I've decided to go to a convention next year as Link in his Twilight Princess garb. I've been working with some ring kits to teach myself how to do the chain mail and it's going fairly well.

However! I'm not 100% positive what type of metal I want to use. Any suggestions? I'd prefer something that's not overly expensive (over $200 or $250) or incredibly difficult to use, but I'm open to all else.

Thanks in advance for the help!!

08-27-2010, 11:54 PM
Are you buying your rings or making your own out of wire?

Either way, most of the stuff I buy for it whenever I do it for free time/fun/jewelry/for friends/etc is here.


They have both wire and rings already made. Hope that helps.