View Full Version : Single room space available

10-01-2003, 10:51 PM

Well my friend is not able to make it, so since I have this single room all to myself, I thought I'd share it out if anyone needed some crash/storage space.

I'd prefer sharing a room to those who are at least 18 for legal reasons, but if you just wanted storage space, then age doesn't matter.

I only have a single room (king size bed) and I don't mind sharing it otherwise, there is floor space (do they have rollaways??). I'd only charge $25. per night, so you are getting a great deal! I have my room on Friday and Saturday only.

I leave tomorrow night for AM, so please PM or post here before 1:30pm PST, otherwise, you can contact me at 510.685.7068 anytime after that if you are needing some space.