View Full Version : Specific help for Yellow from Pokemon

Jo the Marten
09-29-2010, 10:08 AM
I've been doing tons of research, but just to be on the ultra safe side, I want to ask for specific advice for a specific costume: Yellow from the Pokemon Adventures manga. I ask for help because the first cosplay I did that involved a wig turned out mediocre and I want the wig to look charming and professional this time around.

For those of you who need hair reference, you can see her hat-less in the far right image. (http://www.serebii.net/manga/characters-new/pics/Yellow_Design.jpg)

I've decided I'll use this wig (http://shop.cosplay.com/wigs/cosplay-com/s-32/s-32-gold-21ag.html) and use spray wax for her unique, yet simple bangs, then weft on a ponytail.

Now I need to know if this is all a good idea, bad idea, or if I'm just a freaking idiot. :eeek: I just really don't want to waste money, and risk buying a wig then royally screwing it up. So if anyone has constructive advice, please let me know!