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10-12-2010, 10:49 AM
Alright, so I'm working on a Nero cosplay for MCM expo in 2 weeks, and I've been getting along pretty well, but I wanted to know how I could go about making his Devil bringer? (his right arm in demon form)

So far what I've actually been told is I should just make a gauntlet out of cardboard, make it to the shape I want, then papier machier the outside and cover it in modroc before painting, and that I should also use some fabric to soften up the inside for my arm.

Can anybody verify if this would work or link me to a good tutorial? And if someone could tell me for how I can make it so i can move my hand a little while it's in it, I'd appreciate it a lot (Not holding out for much though xD)

Also, Reference pictures can be found here: http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/costume/view/30604

I appreciate the help!

10-20-2010, 11:51 AM
Just making a cardboard glove? It's way harder than it sounds. Keep in mind that you actually have to be able to remove it from your hand, not to mention make it look like a hand. But I guess it's a simple way to make a decent devilbringer that people will recognize.

I'm currently working on Nero and considering latex or silicone - it's simply not realistic to make it in a none-stretchy/flexible material.

I've also wanted to make it all lit up and nice but as it's damn near impossible, I might skip it. Noone in the whole world has managed to make a good glowing devilbringer and it'd be a crowd favorite, but the catch is that the glow won't be much visible with flash/strong lights. So night shots it is for most. I'm considering a thin glove with loads of LED's on it then covered with a matte blue/white silicone which is halftransparent.. But in 2 weeks? I've got 7 months and I still don't think I'll make it in time xD

10-20-2010, 05:54 PM
El wire, but not sure how much u would need.

There are also rave gloves, but most of these only have finger tips and back of the hand, only problem is they come in a pair :D

I think I will most likely use an opera glove as a base, cardboard for shaping certain areas and than a combination of latex/silicone, foam, and several other areas.

Lighting It up would actually work better if u decide to forgo flexibility and u could use a combination of LED light and fiberglass or other translucent material. The problem is if it is flexible u have to find a way to prevent wires from being damaged.

I would consider forgoing making it light up and find some really nice neon paint to give it an allusion to glowing.

10-22-2010, 09:50 PM
There should be at least a few glowing devil bringers here on coscom, just look through the different Neros.

EL tape/sheets/wire would be the way to go though, rather than LEDs. I've not had the fortune to use anything EL yet, but I've researched it and if you're trying to make something both flexible and glowing, or lighting up a large surface area (such as your arm), they are the products to use.

Maybe this will help: http://electroluminescence-inc.com/ELtape.htm

As a side note, things that light up in cosplay can get away with a lot worse construction and still wow people. Nobody says "look at that glowing arm, it's so poorly made." It's usually "OH MY GAWD LIGHTS AND SHINY THINGS O_O"

10-24-2010, 08:45 AM
Correct, several are "glowing" but none were glowing in daylit photos. This means if flash is used, it's invisible.

The point is, the glow needs to be strong but even enough and that's very complex. The EL wire is an interesting idea, the catch is that just taking the wiring and wiring around your fingers will look awkward.

My idea is using a thin glove covered with LED/ELwiring, then a layer of halftransparent silicone over it. It's still an incredibly difficult project which is unlikely to succeed the first time. It would indeed be easier to forgo flexibility, but I'm attempting silicone anyway, so it MIGHT work. Though it needs to be flexible AND only halftransparent.. Hmz.

Several having succeeded in a perfect glowing devilbringer? Nah, some have made pretty good ones OR made it glowing. The ones who have made it glowing have in general sacrificed accuracy but also made it hard to take photos of unless it's pitch black which also causes issues. Relying on nightshots with fillinlight on the whole costume to be able to take photos of it is not an alternative for me. I want a con costume where I can enjoy the convent and the costume is at it's best all day, or most of the day.

11-16-2010, 02:36 PM
i made my arm with LEDs and a 9v battery

11-17-2010, 10:45 AM
From what I've seen, there are a couple of ways to make Deatbringer/Devilbringer glow:

-Photo-reflective material that glows when exposed to bring lights, such as camera flashes. I've seen the stuff around, and a few Nero's on the site here use it.

-Glow in the dark material that will glow for some time after being exposed to light. This more or less works at night, and not so well during the day.

-LED/ELtape or some light source.

Deathbringer isn't an easy project. But ideas I have:

-If you're willing to use an old set of vambraces, consider using a vambrace to form your skeleton or a mold or something to start off from. I have a pair at home here that I actually don't use much. So they will be my foundation.

-Wonderflex is one option I am looking at to make Deathbringer. It is easily shaped as needed with heat. It's lightweight and rigid as well. Only caveat is that it can not be left in a hot car during the summer, or an any non-climate controlled storage area during hot days. As it's possible for the Wonderflex to reach activation temperature.

-I figure for the design phase, to wrap a piece of paper over my arm and draw a basic outline of the shape. It will be sloppy initially (drawing one handed, especially lefty), but I can perfect the shape and design on paper. Mocking Deathbringer in paper, I can redo the various parts as needed until I'm satisfied. Once that is done, I have templates to trace onto my stock. It then becomes an issue of tracing/cutting/shaping, etc.

-A glove can be used to complete the prop, painted as needed with fake nails added, and finger armor made/attached to complete the look.

-As for lighting Deathbringer, LED's or ELtape will work the best. I've seen strip LED's and ELtape used in various props. I'm looking to find something bright, yet lightweight and easy to power. Since the battery and switch has to be mounted to the prop, I'm not looking to use a 9 volt or AA's if possible.

-The only real thing I can think to do is to ask the Nero cosplayers here on the site how they made their Deathbringers. Have a look around at Nero cosplayers and once you find one with a Deathbringer that interests you, Private message them and see what they say.