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10-17-2010, 01:38 PM
Halloween is just a couple short weeks away I've only now discovered that my usual group has settled on a theme and is planning to go as the X-Men. I've settled on Gambit as I have a serviceable trench coat and figure that his outfit should be easier to get together when compared to a suit of spandex / leather. Also, Gambit is a badass.

I've taken a look at some of the fantastic costumes posted to this site and have gotten a pretty good idea of what direction I want to go in. The group wants to do costumes more along the lines of the movies however I'm planning to do some sort of hybrid as I'm not that excited by the look they gave to the character in Wolverine. With that in mind, this build from the Replica Prop Forums http://www.therpf.com/f24/1-month-build-gambit-costume-16738/ seems to be the closest I can find to what I'm planning the go with. Up front the only difference I'm planning is to go with black shin guards instead of the more cartoony silver.

Just going off the pictures from the forum post, would anyone happen to have any advice on how to create the "techno-muscle" look the poster achieved for the vest? Also, has anyone had any experience creating a cowl similar to the one Gambit would wear? I currently have a PM out to the original RPF poster, but I've been lurking around these forums for a while and figure you guys could provide a valuable second opinion!

I appreciate any and all help and will be happy to clarify anything!

EDIT: Found a much better picture in a different thread: http://www.therpf.com/f24/yet-another-one-ironman-mkv-pop-rivet-foam-hybrid-96246/#post1372863

10-17-2010, 08:03 PM
How Cool! I love Gambit. I made a Cowl for a catwoman costume a few halloweens ago that was mostly t-shirt material (nice because it has some stretch and doesn't fray), cut from a Gray tshirt (I was Batman:TAS catwoman) and that worked really well, as long as you make the bottom part of the cowl, the part that goes down into your shirt, big enough to cover your shoulders so it doesnt come popping out of your shirt. I used something molded to form the front or the mask for structure. That's what I would suggest for Gambit as well. Make the cowls as you would a hood, and make the parts that need to be stiffer out of vinyl or perhaps craft foam would serve your purposes too. The method the original RPF poster used with the painter's tape seems like a good way to make a pattern, so your ear holes are in the right place and stuff. I think Black electrical tape would be a useful thing to have in general for this project.

As for the breastplate, He describes looking for a roman gladiator type breastplate to use as a base, If you can find one of those (i know there are some at my halloween store right now) that would make your life a lot easier, becuase then you wouldn't have to make a base. as for the techno-muscle thing, if it were me, I'd use hard Styrofoam pieces, cut and smoothed into the geometric shapes of the muscles. and then covered with vinyl or maybe foam. That would bulk you up a bit, which may or may not be a good thing. otherwise, I'm having trouble following what he says about cutting the bristol board (Which IS great because it comes in colors) I THINK he's putting it together like a 3d jigsaw puzzle, taping the joints and then gluing the whole structure to a piece of vinyl. which would work and shouldn't be too hard (though maybe frustrating) if my understanding is correct. Either way you definitely want to draw it out as a pattern and define each shape to be cut (think Paper craft) I'm not sure which method would work better for you, as I've never done either but I would love to try, this is a really intriguing construction challenge.

I don't know if I was any help but I am definitely interested in your costume, its sounds like its going to be great, make sure to post pictures when its done :)

10-18-2010, 09:01 AM
Thanks for your input!

With the chest armor, I thought about going for a store bought plastic plate but felt that it would be a little too bulky (I'm 6' 5" so keeping the lines slim is the challenge). I took a look around and found these sort of padded tshirts used in Airsoft and Paintball and those seem to be the ticket. Instead of using the RPF posters bristol board paper craft, I think the best plan would be to cut 6-8 panels out of thin foam and cover them in a red vinyl. Sticking these to a black tshirt should create a pretty cool look. The number, shape, and placement of the panels should be the key.

I really appreciate your input on the Cowl and I think I'll probably go with something inline with what you suggested + some more rigid construction for the cheek coverings.

10-18-2010, 01:51 PM
I'd love to see pics when you're done. Gambit is one of my favorite x-men characters