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11-10-2010, 10:55 AM
Not sure how many people are familiar with Niholoid, so here's some info, as found on the Hetalia Wiki;

"A version of Japan that appeared in an advertisement on Prussia's blog, in the April Fools' 2009 event on Kitayume. He is a parody of the voice synthesizer program Vocaloid and can only sing traditional songs. He quickly became a meme, and has appeared in various fanart on Pixiv and other places."

And a translation of one of the CD dramas:
10: It's Sudden, But Here Is A Commercial (突然ですがここでCMです)
Announcer: "This is abrupt but, we will have a commercial break here."
Japan: "Hello. Im Nihoroid. In B.C. 600, the Nihoroid, which is specialized in Japanese folk music and enka, will go on sale. He can sing popular songs from the Showa era and anime songs but, things like Hip-Hop and R&B are a little...."
Russia: "If you force him to sing that, his face looks like hes about to die. Fuhuhu~"
Announcer: "This advertisement is displayed only in the blog of the annoying Prussia."

Anyway, I'm thinking about Niholoid as a future cosplay. Most fanart, (and also what appears to be an 'official' image) depicts him in a purple and white outfit which I cannot even begin to name:
http://spazzy.starry-sky.com/oresamanosite/images/41blogkoukoku2.jpg (this is the 'official' looking one)

I did find one fanart of Niholoid where he instead wears the outfit from his character CD:

Just wondered, if in the event I applied some creativity/artistic license to the latter outfit, I could still be considered Niholoid or not.

And also which of the two outfits is the easier.

Many thanks.

11-14-2010, 11:52 AM
They made a Niholoid plush doll that is similar to the first outfit: X (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-91-49-en-70-3sm9-18-1.html)

It says that he is wearing is a Kimono from the Heian era. :)

I think it wouldn't matter if you applied your own creative ideas to Niholoid, but it' probably best to keep the purple headset. It would help people recognize you as Niholoid, since vocaloids usually have a headset.

As for which one is easier, it depends. The first one only has three parts to it, the top part, under part and the pants. (Assuming the pants and underpart aren't connected)

The second one also has three parts to it. The Juban (the white slip) with modern long sleeves (It looks like a hybrid between the two), the kimono itself, and the Hakama.

I have seen a lot of tutorials online that would help for the second one, as opposed to the first one.

So it's really up to you in what you want to do. Good Luck! :)

11-15-2010, 11:49 AM
That plushie is so adorable *wants one*

I saw a video on Youtube of 'Iggyloid' and England was wearing an outfit that was very obviously inspired by existing Vocaloid outfits:


After watching the video, I thought about creating a similar outfit, since I'm not terribly keen on wearing either outfit that I posted links of in the middle of the summer.

I've come up with a design which I posted on DeviantART, but I'm told it looks a bit too much like a 'dark' Len Kagamine: