View Full Version : Let AM know you want to see the Yume prelims again!

11-10-2010, 04:27 PM
Everyone, AM has asked us as a community to let them know that we want the chance to compete for the Yume prize. Please, if you have interest in competing, or just want to support those that do go and post here:

to let them know

Quoted from Emotiongear:
We appreciate you both <3. We do these things for the attendees, not for us. We brought Yume to AM to give the cosplayers a good opportunity.

How do we know whether to bring the Yume Qualifier back if we never got feedback that it was great and worth the effort on our part?

AM is about teamwork...if enough people want something and show interest, we'll try to go get it. Everyone has some responsibility.

Remember, we have to sponsor two cosplayers to NYAF to compete. So it will take more than a few people to want this to justify the cost. Someone make a poll on here, or on fb or coscom and lets see how many cosplayers want this...?

11-10-2010, 06:41 PM
I'm just gonna copy/paste what I said in the AM forums, because it's the best way I know how to put it:

"Dearest Anime Matsuri~,

My name is Hopie and I'm with the cosplay group Twinzik, who won Best of Show last year at the cosplay contest. I just wanted to let you guys know how excited we are for this year's convention, and how much we always look forward to working with everyone as far as the cosplay contest is concerned.

Also, I don't know if you guys realize how much it meant to us as cosplayers that you brought the Yume prelims to Texas. Texas has yet to have any kind of large prize like that, and I was soooo thankful that we even had the opportunity to compete for it! I truly hope with all my heart that you guys will bring it back this year, as it's a fantastic opportunity for little people such as myself to go all out and try for something great. I also know many other spectacular cosplayers who would love to try for this prize again as well. -and heck, we had the winning team last year! (Go Jenny & Beauty!) So that just goes to show Texas has some awesome talent that I think New York needs to see.

So again, I just wanted to thank you guys for all of your hard work, and to let you know just how much it all means to us. I know this year will be even better than last! Thank you~. <3"

There's also this same poll on the forums listed above, and I'd appreciate everyone's help there as well! Thanks so much!

11-11-2010, 01:36 PM
Im going to copy and paste what I put on the Matsuri forums just now, so that everyone has a chance to see.

I would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who has given their thanks, and shown their support so far. I would also like to say that even if Matsuri does not end up working with the Yume for 2011 (There is question to if the event will even be taking place in New York.), we will be doing something to step up our game and bring something new and exciting to the Texas scene. -- How big of a step up it is really depends on the kind of support we get in favor of it.

Please spread the word! Make yourselves heard!

We pride ourselves on working with the attendees be they cosplayers, gamers, anime enthusiast, etc. This means we thrive on getting feedback and being able to work directly with the wants of the people we are doing this for. Thank you again.