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Hey I know you! :D

All I can share is what I've done for mine. Both my Miku shirts I used Casa Satin from Joann's, which worked okay (you saw one at Aki-Con) and didn't melt or anything, but it was a little finicky and the amount of shine on it led to any little wrinkle looking super obvious and annoying.

Last time I was at Joann's I saw some fabric that I thought might have been good for Miku in hindsight. It was in the Bottomweight fabric section (I think it's labeled "stretch sateen") that has just a wee bit of shine that might be easier to work with since it's mostly cotton with a tiny bit of spandex (97% cotton, 3% spandex). It really hardly stretches though, I used it for a pleated skirt (unrelated to cosplay) with no issue.

If you end up with a fabric that doesn't hold a pleat very well, you can topstitch down each pleat right next to the fold to hold it all in place. That will also guarantee them to be permanent even after washing and so forth. It's a pain, but handy.

I used cheap satin for my skirt (which I should remake bljfawehhgjf) and even that was pleat-able and didn't melt under an iron. Not that I recommend it, or anything, but sometimes fabric can do things you think it can't.

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No problem! I keep no secrets :3

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hey there,

i'm currently working on a miku cosplay and i dont know if you've finished making your costume or not but might help for later.

I used cotton drill becuase iwas on a tight budget and it pleats easily. Even though it's not shiny its really good and it offers a bit of proection if your going to make the electronic part of the sleeves.

im just shaing my thoughts..

hope it helps.