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11-25-2010, 12:25 PM
From Batman Arkham Asylum it`s totally hot.Bad news don`t know where to start ,this will be my first time making a cosplaying outfit need some advice.

11-25-2010, 09:10 PM
Get a patten for a peasant dress top (you know the type used for ren faires, I can't remember the exact name of it). That should give you a good start on the top. Other than that you can modify a white blouse.

The skirt should be straight forward, you can even buy it at a store I think. The boot will be tricky.

12-05-2010, 05:53 PM
Thank you so much

12-19-2010, 10:21 PM
You'll probably want to try to get an underbust corset, since corset making is a tough thing to do when you're just starting out. You can probably get one and cover it in fabric. Then for the boots, you'll want to just get one pair and use nu-life to dye them the purple and red. I would recommend covering them in perhaps a heavy vinyl to add the detailed parts. the nice thing about Nu-Life is that it will cover any type of leather, pleather, etc (most things boots would be made out of except suedes and soft fabrics) no matter the color, so even if you get black boots, they'll still paint up just fine. Amazon.com is actually a great place to look for boots because you can search by specifics, but there are a lot of great boot sites out there .

You'll want to look for tutorials on pleating skirts for the skirt. Or, as mentioned, look around and see if you can buy it.

Then for the gloves, there's a lot of tutorials out there on making gloves and you'll basically want to make them out of the red fabric for the part covering the arms and purple for the fingerless part covering the hands.

And then again you should just cover a bra in the alternating purple and red fabric.