View Full Version : Making Spider Jerusalem liveshades

11-26-2010, 06:30 PM
So I want to make myself a nice set of shades like Spider Jerusalem wears in Transmetropolitan


I figure I could handle making some simple frames if I went about the later model after he discovers he is sick(because it'd be easier, and give me an excuse to wear a shirt with this costume). Basically rimless. I figure some nice bezel wire could be bent into proper shapes to make a set, and I might be able to pull apart a set of cheap Wal-Mart magnifying reading glasses to get the nose pieces. The issue I'm having is the lenses. Would a dyed clear casting resin make for decent custom lenses? I don't expect them to have any UV blocking ability, obviously. If a clear casting resin worked, how would I best go about making molds to cast them in?