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12-08-2010, 07:15 PM
I'm going as Crusnik Abel & am having massive issues with Abel's wings. I have a set of articulated wings already, but they were made for Howl - they attach to & move with my arms.

I'm wondering if I should:

Make new smaller ones with wilder feathers. They'd be made out of wire, so they could be posed, & when folded probably wouldn't go past my waist. When extended I'd expect an unimpressive five to six foot wingspan, but they could be posed to flare up & dramatic & blahblahblah.


Rig the massive ten-foot set up so they don't follow my arms. The wings look anatomically natural, & Abel's tend to be kinda wild, but my current ones are nice & huge. Problem is I'd have to totally dissect them & rerig them with a pulley system, not to mention they were built to sit lower on my shoulders & look like my arms were part of my wings.
These are my big wings with the feather case taken off.

Halp. ;A;

02-13-2011, 09:20 PM
Those are pretty cool. I think they could work.

However, if you are planning to carry a scythe as well that might make working them problematic.

I found with my scythe that I needed to keep my wings quite clear of it as it could catch on them. Especially when moving. My wings ended up drooping really badly (so I will be remaking them XD) so making the space between my arms and my back really small.

If you can make your idea work that allows you to carry the scythe then it would be epic. I hope you can. Best of luck with it and I look forward to seeing it come together.