View Full Version : Cronas' Black blood wings? Stuck on materials.

12-14-2010, 09:55 AM
Ok I'm having issues with Crona from Soul Eater.. I wanna make his black blood wings but I have no idea where to start material wise.. Of course i dont want to make them as big but a good enough size.. I also would like the wings to be flexible.. That way i can bend them in when walking around.. Just so I don't smack someone in the face with them.. Any thoughts or ideas on what materials I should use would be awesome.

Heres what they look like:


12-15-2010, 04:30 PM
One option would be to make them out of wire so that you could carefully bend them backwards if needed and then bend them back to sticking out sideways when you want.
You could go with the basic fairy wings design
http://www.mommyblessings.com/2009/06/fairy-wings-tutorial.html (or just google more "fairy wings tutorial" or "how to make fairy wings")
Use wire as a frame and cover it with cloth. Depending on how big you want them to be just use a thicker wire (9 gauge aluminum wire is pretty thick and could hold a decent amount of weight).

I dont' know how to do it, but I have seen people make spring loaded wings that will bend backwards if they hit something like a door frame, and then just pop back in to place after it is passed.