View Full Version : Dr. Holocaust vs. The Savage Bandito! Super Villain Battle of the Century!

12-16-2010, 05:15 AM
From the confines of their evil laboratories, Dr. Holocaust and The Savage Bandito have come out into the city to engage in a battle of supremacy that will test both their minds and the brilliant machines they have crafted! The battle will unleash weapons of such awesome destructive power that the city of Toronto will never be the same again! Let the world watch in horror as people bear witness to the scientific geniuses who show no hint of remorse in demonstrating the terrible weapons of super science!

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It is impressive that such beautiful women have submitted to the righteous scientific authority of both Dr. Holocaust and The Savage Bandito! It is truly a triumph of the awesome scientific power that they possess!

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Dr. Holocaust and The Savage Bandito in: The Wrath of Heaven Unleashed in Akihabara!

After witnessing the awesome battle between Dr. Holocaust and The Savage Bandito, Ninja with a Soul Patch sends a message to the two mad scientists challenging them to a battle of supremacy. With decades of extensive scientific study on the dark sorcery of the Shinto religion and the martial arts of Ninjitsu in a temple laboratory in Akihabara, Japan, Ninja with a Soul Patch has crafted the most powerful magical weapons in history which he is confident he can use to bring down all opposition. Can The Savage Banidto and Dr. Holocaust triumph in a battle that will summon the forces of the Universe and the Wrath of Heaven?

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