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Nooby Banana
12-21-2010, 01:15 AM
I'm looking to cosplay Rapunzel from Disney's Tangled sometime next year, but I'm stuck on what kind of dress she wears so I can look for a pattern. I'm pretty the bottom part is just a circle skirt, but I'm so stuck on the bodice. Also, in some pics it looks like the bodice is separate from the skirt.

Ref pics:

Thanks in advance!

Dark Angel1988
12-21-2010, 01:26 AM
In the movie, she does wear a dress, but she has a pink corset on over the top, if it helps. :)

12-21-2010, 01:27 AM
look in the costume sections of the pattern catalogs. you can probably find a similar design with a Renaissance type pattern

12-21-2010, 03:53 AM
I think you have to decide on which version you're doing.

The first link is different from the second two in several ways.

From what Dark_Angel1988 says, it sounds like maybe the first one is the movie final version ? I don't know, I would try to find screen-caps and go from there.

While the second two are really renfest bodice-y (with there being patterns from the Big Three and probably free on-line), the first one is more Victorian, you won't get that kind very curvy and fitted, yet not wrinkly, look from an earlier corset pattern.

12-21-2010, 06:05 AM
Her regular dress is drawn entirely from Renaissance fashion elements, so look at the Ren Faire style patterns for things you can adapt.
If you do that first version, you'll need a Victorian corset.
Her skirt doesn't look like a full circle to me though. However, if you go from a pattern, they should direct you on the shape.

12-21-2010, 08:26 AM
This should help: http://www.squidoo.com/disneys-rapunzel-costume

It breaks down the costume, and even gives some patterns that can be used!

12-21-2010, 11:32 AM
simplicity and butterick both got renaissance pattern that don't need to much modification (change the bodice a bit and make the skirt double) to work for her dress in the movie

Nooby Banana
12-21-2010, 12:28 PM
Oh wow, thanks for all the links and advice! I noticed that the first dress was different from the other two after I posted this. I'll be making the final movie dress (the one from the last two pics). Thanks again!

01-01-2011, 01:09 PM
I'm making this right now. I took Simplicity's Snow White/Cinderella pattern and made Snow White's dress. The only alteration it needed was to add a pannel into the front which is pretty easy. You just fold the top fabric back and make a seam, then sew the under flap to the pannel.
Then I took a renisance bodice pattern and i'm going to sew that so I can put it right overtop. It should make it easy and really comfortable. It also makes it just like the movie one since that is a dress with a bodice overtop (you can see it especially at the end of the movie)

01-01-2011, 11:06 PM
I know its a shameless plug, but after I did my Rapunzel, I broke it down in hopes that others could get ideas: http://caitsclosetchallenge.blogspot.com/2010/11/while-i-do-not-claim-to-be-best.html