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12-26-2010, 04:53 AM
Hello Everyone.
Before I start, this is only my 4th cosplay I'm sewing, and I don't know how to use sewing machine so all the cosplay I do and did are... handmake T_T.

I'm planning on doing Shirley Fenette with the Green dress version: http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/498802-bigthumbnail.jpg

I have a problem with the pattern, I never did pattern for clothes before, so I really have no clue how to do her, because it's seems as important thing here.
I'd like a help in that, if someone can help me.
And, I have a problem with the sleves, I don't know how I'll do the half circles on the end of the sleves, so if there are anyone who can help me with that too, I'd be more that happy.

Thank you for reading!!

12-26-2010, 05:23 AM
I have no idea with patterns but if all else fails you can find a strapless dress at a goodwill or thrift store, preferably white or green, and dye it green and add the extra details. ^^;

12-26-2010, 10:26 AM
I already bought 6m of fabric so it'll be a waste if I wouldn't do anything with it XD
And... well I really want to improve my sewing and cosplaying skills.

but thank you very very much for your comment! ^______^

01-04-2011, 11:40 AM
In my opinion, it's easier to alter an already existing pattern that's similar to the dress than it is to make one completely up. The only pattern I could find at the moment that could be useful would be this one: http://www.simplicity.com/p-2251-missmiss-petite-special-occasion-dresses.aspx