View Full Version : zombie apocolipse survivor make up and outfit help

12-28-2010, 09:03 PM
ok so there is a con coming in april next year (tora con) and i was thinking of doing a zombie Apocalypse survivor and i need help with outfit ideas for cheap and make up (wounds,cuts) for cheap but i do have nerf guns that will be props for it. so what would be the cheapest but most realistic look as possible.

12-29-2010, 11:06 AM
If you're doing wounds,scars,exc, Elmers white school glue is your best friend. Mix some with a little water and dab it on so it's nice and tacky, let it dry and go over it with reds, browns and such and it makes great burns, bites, cuts excetra. I've been thinking about doing A Tutorial for them. I LOVE to do bruises and scratches. As for the clothes you can cut and tear. If you cut ALL of it, (IE: Cut of an entire sleeve) it looks abit tack, cut a hole big enough to get your fingers in there and rip it to the length you want. Black Cherry koolaid makes for great fake blood. (It also leaves good stains) Mix 1 packet with a cup of water and presto! Syrupy blood! If you want dirt stains, for clothes I'd use a little coffee grounds and water. Plop a big spoonfull on a shirt and rub it in a little. For face dirt use charcoal dust or some brown/black eyeshadow. Just be sure to blend well.

12-29-2010, 11:43 AM
Concealer can be used to add a dead pastey appeal to your face, eye shadow and liner can be used around your cheeks, eyes, etc. to exagerate your natural features and give a sunken feeling.

As for clothing go to the Goodwill or find an old, plain shirt, button ups work the best in my opinion but whatever floats your boat. Rip it around some seams,cuffs neck etc., and use black paint around the very edges and then dark red around the rest. Use the tip of a broken pencil if you dont have a paint brush, works just as well for this purpose. Then just find a pair of old or washed out pants and shoes and you have your attire down :)