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12-29-2010, 04:03 PM
I had to post this thread because I saw ANIME in Far East Movement's song-Rocketeer which made me smile, and I have to say, this is probably my FAVORITE video right now! The lyrics are great, and it's a great breakdancing rhtythem to it!

Here's a tiny breakdown of the video.

The video begins with a boy and girl, and the girl is discussing she will be leaving to Tokyo and they kiss, this scene wasn't the highlight for me. It's probably the lowest one in the entire video, but that's alright! The camera soon focuses on it's lead singer, (or at least I thought was at the time).
I've never heard of Ryan Tedder. (He's a crossover of Bruno Mars) Yet, the video features some very handsome Korean men. And the boy is skateboarding around LA. I don't live in LA, but even so I recognize the areas he's skateboarding around.

The use of lyrics and though has very little to do with being a "Rocketeer" or a "Rocketman" that's okay by me, there's some great lyrics in there. Most of which inspired me to write my own version of this song. This might be the first song in 10 years I've sat down and come up. This video is simply fun anyway.

Flash forward~

You have to pause it at 2:43 at the video. That's when I saw it had an anime character, yet it's one I recognize, but haven't watched yet. It surprises me that it's actually an anime character called Princess Ai. I believe this one was co-created by Courtney Love. I can clearly see it's Princess Ai. And whether or not it was drawn or was a picture that was scanned for the music video, I can't help but smile, I feel drawn to wanting to read the manga, it does look certainly pretty.

The whole video really does have a mix of East meets West coast. For some people that might come off as offensive, and judging by some comments left by users on YouTube it seems most are pretty annoyed and rather insulted.

You can see other anime artwork that the girl presents though I had to slow it down a few times just to see for myself the other character she had drawn, this time it looked like this one was "self-drawn" though I couldn't tell you whom the character is, if you know, don't hesitate to let me know.

Anyway, the point is that anime is starting to take shape back into the music industry. It's about damn time, and the song might be great and the music video might be a bit odd, but it has a great sound. I JUST LOVE IT!!

This might be a song worthy of downloading if I can download it. I want to hear more songs, and maybe consider getting it on CD! The song isn't a total disappointment. So if you really like it, YOU MUST WATCH THE MUSIC VIDEO IF YOU ARE A ANIME FAN!