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01-02-2011, 02:56 PM
Hi all! I'm planning on making Zero's mask from Code Geass and I need some advice on what material to use to make it. I'm a professional graphic artist so I've worked with my fair share of 3D medium in my time, but I've never worked with anything like this. I want the final product to be pretty durable and not look like it was made from paper mache/ cardboard/ duct tape. I want it to look clean and...well, true to canon.

Cardboard = no.
Paper Mache = no.

http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs39/i/2009/239/f/c/Code_Geass_R2_Zero__s_Mask_001_by_HeadSketchOnly.j pg
(^My favorite example of a handmade Zero mask.)

Ideally I'd use fiberglass, but it's such a complex medium I don't think that would be an option for me. I've been suggested Craft Foam layered with hot glue etc and covered with black stretch vinyl, but I've heard that Craft Foam is hella hard to shape and I'm wondering whether or not it would be feasible for Zero's mask.

I've also been suggested Wonder Flex but I wonder about the integrity of the material. It's also a good deal more expensive than Craft Foam so I'd want to be absolutely sure about it before I invest in something pricey like that.

I know there are other materials too but I don't know where to begin.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated! :)

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the more professional you get with props the more they generally tend to cost. you could use craft foam and it's not that hard to shape with something like that helmet. cardboard is the same. but it's the finish I think you care most about not the materials. so if you did use cardboard you could cover that in fiberglass, sand smooth, primer, sand , primer, sand again till it's perfect, primer one last time and then paint with maybe car spray paints and a shiny clear coat finish. the dome is kind of tricky. you could possibly find a purple plastic bowl in the shape you need and just use that.

this is all just an idea and I haven't gone into too much detail because I don't know if this is what you want to do. if that helmet you posted as a ref is your favorite you could ask the artist to see if he could give you advice and instructions, most of them are more than willing to help out :)