View Full Version : Help attaching panels.

01-03-2011, 06:26 PM
I'm cosplaying Kaito from vocaloid. I am currently in the middle of making the sleeves for his jacket(see ref) and am Having difficulty sewing the panel needed for the blue part under his sleeve, and the yellow strip ontop. The pattern I am using uses a single panel for the sleeve which runs from the cuff to the shoulder, the panel joins into a a compete sleeve by joining right underneath the arm, right where the blue panel I want to be is.

Whats the best way to sew on this blue panel? I can't machine stitch it by sewing it on after the panel has been sew together. A more experienced craftsman might be able to modify the patternss so you join the blue panel between sleeves seem, but I don't trust my skill to do this correctly.

Another problem is getting the tiny yellow triangle path you see of his arm by the elbow. When I did the yellow strip, I cut out a slightly bigger piece of yellow fabric than the piece I wanted. Hemmed it slightly with pins, then sew it to the sleeve panel, attaching and hemming it with one stitch. It didn't come out as straight of as smooth as I wanted. However I deemed that most people wouldn't be able to noticed the slight misalignment, and it was just trying to make it too perfect, and noticing errors that others would miss. however the tiny triangles have proven a real difficulty to sew, and they look will wobbly, and not like triangles at all. Any advice on how I can solve these problems and what is the best way to attach panels in general? My entire garment is being made out of white, yellow and blue Gabardine.

Ref: http://blog.cleartranquil.com/2009/04/kaito-explores-tokyo.html