View Full Version : Cosplay New Year's Party

10-16-2003, 10:11 AM
Hi Everyone,

So far this is still in the planning phase right now, but I'm contemplating on throwing a cosplay New Year's Eve bash. There would be food, loud anime music, a viewing of anime, and depending where it's going to be held fireworks.

I would like to have this at my house, because I would like those who come to spend the night here and not have to worry about driving after midnight, but I am well aware that Dover, DE isn't a very popular spot, so if you have suggestions on where this is to be held I'm more then willing to listen to it. Keep in mind, I don't have money to rent out a space and I'd like to get a nice sized group of people to come to this. Maybe if it all pans out well, we could do this every year.