View Full Version : Stressful Night is Stressful

01-19-2011, 12:18 AM
need to get all my groups codes and ids photocopied before thursday so we can get our badges, we might have to take a 3 hour bus trip to get to con, meaning we have to leave EARLLLLYYY in the morning saturday. We have our room booked but we need to sneak in an extra person.

We get to con, hand out for an hour, walk to our hotel, check in, walk back to con hang out go to hotel sleep go to con leave in the after noon and take that 3 hour bus ride again.....>.<

but the worse part is the getting codes and photocopies of ids before 12 thursday afternoon. only one person will be able to really do that....the rest of us would need to email her our stuff....

Some how i new being make shift leader was hard :<