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01-19-2011, 07:42 PM
Okay I am a total noob at cosplaying (only done it once before) and I wanna be Megurine Luka for Anime Expo this year~ Soooo I really need help!!


This is what Luka looks like. I need help like what kind of material I should use for the... everything. The black part, the gold part, the glowing blue stuff, the brown part, the belts, the socks, the armbands. Wow I picked a hard one ; w ; BUT I AM DETERMINED TO COSPLAY AS HER!!!! So if any of you could give me any kind of advice I will love you forever!!

01-22-2011, 03:39 AM
Well if you're determined, the GO FOR IT!!!!!!! This is very hard form someone who has only done 1 cosplay, but you can do it right if you set you mind to it! Now I have never done a luka cosplay but I suggest:

Skirt:Buy a long Black skirt and cut out one of the sides, like shown on the picture. Then get gold material and line it as shown.

Top:get a sleeveless black top and line with gold material. As for the horn, twist some material into the shape of the horn. You may have to glue it as you go. Im sorry but I have no idea how to do the blue bit. Maybe get one of those plastic blue gems you can buy? And find some matching blue material for the collar part.

Belt:easy! Yellow material! Make it as shown. This next part us tricky. You'll need to cut out brown triangles and individually sew them on : )

Shoes:Try to find gold boots like hers or just buy black boots and spray paint them gold. Then you need to make holes (drill holes) into the boots and buy black laces and shove em in!!!!!!!

I'm sorry if I wasn't much help but good luck with your cosplay : )

01-22-2011, 02:01 PM
there's a really huge vocaloid thread here:


i'd also post there :)

For the material, i'd say use cotton or gabardine or such, if you haven't sewn much that's the BEST fabric to use. just go slowly and stay calm...thats the best advice I can give to newbies :)