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01-20-2011, 09:47 AM
Hi there!

I'm trying to get together supplies to make a basic vaporeon outfit. This will be my first ever attempt at cosplay so i'm trying to make it as simple as possible for myself as unfortunately i'm not the best at sewing!

I'm thinking about leaving the tail out possibly just because I think attempting to make a tail and it looking terrible will look worse than leaving it out completely!

I want to make the 3 ear/fins that vaporeon has on his head but I am slightly clueless as to how you make them! I own a glue gun so I was wondering if that would be the best way?

I'm going to make them white with a blue trim so I was thinking about buying that in felt and making the actual fin shapes from fun foam then putting the material on top but is it better if its sewn together before hand? And if so how will I get the akward shaped foam inside the material ears? And if I just sew the top of the ears and put the foam inside then dew around won't I be left with a horrible mess around the edge? If anyone thinks glueing the material on would be the best option then does anyone have any tips as i'm worried that its gonna look a little messy :confused:

Also I was planning to put them on an alice band (once again not too sure if this is the best idea lol) but because they sit on vertically and not say horizontally like cat ears (I hope someone can understand what i'm saying here as i'm starting to confuse myself haha) could I even glue them on or would they fall off quite easily and flap around too much?

I'm so confused haha I thought I had picked a really easy one but i'm starting to get in abit of a panic because of the shape of the ears haha!

Any help would be amazing, thank you so much!

Amber xxx

01-22-2011, 10:31 AM
First, even though most all of use know who vaporeon is, you should always add a referance pic :] like so http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_CuXGqkPBigM/TLZEe1KvhJI/AAAAAAAAAaw/h2_YQg4mPo4/s320/vaporeon-frlg.png
Second, I think you have a good idea going, make the ears from felt, leave the bottom open and turn them inside out so that the seam line is on the inside, put the fun foam inside snugly (maybe use 2 or 3 layers of fun foam for rigidity) and fold the edges of the felt INSIDE then sew closed, so that way it isn't messy on the edges :) as for attaching it to the headband I saw someone attach popsicle sticks to the headband so everything would stick out right.
that tutorial is here http://forums.sgcafe.com/cosplay-chat/51787-lovecrafts-elf-ears-tutorial-boobies-amour-writeup.html
I would put the popsicle sticks on each side of the top fin so that way it sticks straight up and you have something to glue that fin onto. Maybe glue the popsicle sticks first on the headband and glue some black felt ( or that Vaporeon blue) over everything to make it look nice, then glue the fins on top of that. Hope this helps!

EDIT: the tail would be fine to make, really easy. First you would cut out two long blue triangles with the tail fins on the top and sew the two together leaving the bottom open. This is the basic shape. Since Vaporeon has a blue fin going down the length, you would cut that shape the length of the tail out of a darker blue felt. Cut one side of your tail shape down the middle to the bottom of the fin part and place the long fin inside and sew all 3 layers together(one side of the tail, the fin, and the other side of the tail), make sure it's sticking out on the inside so that way when you turn it inside out (to hide all the seams) the fin will be right side out. After you turn it inside out you will run a long wire (coat hanger will work) inside it and stuff it all around ... with stuffing, trying to make a kind of long flat shape like Vaporeons tail is, make sure the end of the wire is sticking out, and once all the stuffing is done, fold the edges of the felt inside and sew it closed from once side then the other (so the wire is sticking out from the middle), you may have to hand stitch a little, and your tail is done! With the wire inside you can bend it to any shape you like and since the wire is sticking out, you can use that to attach it to your pants or a belt or something.

01-22-2011, 07:40 PM
What you could do is get a head band and attach Fun-foam with Pipe cleaners inside to give better shape to the head band.