View Full Version : Hiyama Kiyoteru Modified Cosplay Help

01-21-2011, 05:41 AM
So this upcoming Anime Expo I plan to debut my 1st Vocaloid Cosplay, it'll be Hiyama Kiyoteru but because his original costume is so simple I plan to add modifications as inspired by this fan art:


I so far have the suit jacket and pants... from what one can see is that it's mostly based on Hatsune Miku

I need help on getting the fabric for the correct blue-lines (type of material) and most importantly, where I can get the sleeve pattern which has a computer-like key aspect to it... Making that is most importantly for me!

Once I make this I'll be doing a photo shoot a few months prior to AX, hopefully it'll look as I want it to in my mind...