View Full Version : San Francisco East Bay Geeks! AOD

02-16-2011, 01:53 PM
Come and join us for convention groups,cosplay construction, gaming, anime marathons and more!

We are a group of adult geeks who like to hang out and have fun!

We will be holding meetups at a multitude of places; conventions, restaurants, bowling, my house, camping, everywhere and anything!

Activities will include: gaming tournaments, anime, scifi, or fantasy marathons, comic book discussions, cosplay, rockband, parties and more!

I welcome suggestions, help, and other organizers!

Everyone who is 18 and up is welcome!

First Event will be a meet and greet in front of the dealers room at AOD http://www.aodsf.org/ at 2pm I will be dressed as Sophitia from Soul Calibur!