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02-16-2011, 05:19 PM
I must admit Iím new to the cosplay game but after I did my first real cosplay this last year I want to really get into it. My problem is Iím having a little bit of trouble getting started. I want to do some Hetalia cosplay but Iím having trouble finding any patterns that are remotely close to what I want to do.

Right now Iím looking to do, Dutch of Prussia, Revolutionary war England, and Chibitallia Austria

I really, really want to do Revolutionary war England but again I canít find a patterns even remotely close So I guess my question is how do you go about this beginning process? How and where do you get patterns? Do you ever just free hand it? I just need some help getting my ďsewing legsĒ so to speak. This would be a big help thank you.

(also idk how to post pixs)

02-16-2011, 07:48 PM
Go to your nearest fabric store/hobby lobby/walmart that sells fabric, and flip through the pattern books. Most of what you find won't exactly be helpful, but you are likely to find a starting point there, also make sure to check the Halloween costume book, generally it has more appropriate patterns for what us cosplayers need.
Just try to find a pattern with the same basic shape or general style of what you need, or you may need to mesh two patterns together to get what you want(for example the skirt of one dress with the sleeves of another), but with a bit of creativity you can do it!

Also check out http://www.simplicity.com and http://www.mccall.com They are the two brands that most stores carry.