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10-25-2003, 07:55 AM
Okay, I made my Aisha costume (Outlaw Star) like a year ago and wore it to one con...Sugoi-con 2002, but I wanted to fix it up some and wear it to Ohayocon and maybe another, I don't know at this point, but I'm not sure what could be done to improve it. Most of my friends aren't into cosplay and my boyfriend is kinda biased in my favor ^_^ so I need some outside opinions. A couple notes on the stuff you can't see because of my lack of decent pics...the braid is made of thin yarn...something I want to change to loose synthetic extensions maybe, and too I was intending on using tanning stuff (I did for a halloween party and it turned out pretty good, but my camera deleted it.) I know I'm too pale in those pics, but I tried putting one layer on a few days before the con..but my skin had been peeling from getting scorched from dorm showers and it turned blotchy and speckled. Any advice for making it better would be great!




10-25-2003, 08:23 PM
I think you need more brown than black leggings (I could be mistaken due to lighting, though.)
If you wanna get real nitpicky with the wig, hers has more of a creamy white tinge than a silvery white (maybe a light light coating with that colored hairspray would do the trick)
Also, if you could scooch up your bustier-type thing a little more, it'd be good. Hers doesn't make her boobs form a line of cleavage, it's more of a lift and separate type deal.
As for temporary tan, you might wanna just try makeup since you don't have a ton of bare skin. Just make sure that it's high quality, or you'll have a mess.
Your shoulder armor is a little bit.. small, somehow. It looks too thin and flimsy, and isn't hold its shape right. I'm not sure what you used, so I dunno how you could modify it to get it right, but I'm sure if you took the time you could work it out.

10-25-2003, 11:23 PM
Yeah I'm gonna try to locate some colored hair spray and test it on some peices of the wig I cut off (the thing's fluffy now but it was monsterous before it had cat ears made out of hair on the top). In some pics of Aisha her hair is clearly white in a majority though it seems cream colored. There were also some grayish ones...thanks so much animators ;P

The pants are brown, a chocolate color..not really that dark of a brown..but they're velvet so to cameras it would appear black I guess...don't know shit about photography except that my digi cam sucks.

The armor does appear a little smaller than what is in the anime in a lot of Aisha shots...I'd have to remake them to fix it though most likely, I don't have anymore of the fabric I used, and its hard to get, it was imported from Pakistan. Its made out of these plastic window blinds I heated and molded to fit my shoulder(very strong, won't bend in any way) and covered with silk velvet. The shape problem is probably the fact that theres not much holding them on besides gravity and the weight of the back part...I'm trying to think of ways to fix this without it showing. I agree it doesn't look much like armor, however, her armor probably wouldn't be anything functional...considering she leaves her chest wide open to attack.

I guess when I did the costume I took a different approach...maybe its dumb but I thought maybe since Aisha was an officer in the ctarl-ctarl military and the ctarl ctarl seem to put a lot of emphasis on physical strength perhaps the officers would be like nobility or royalty almost..I think they called her 'lady Aisha' or something to that effect...its been awhile since I've watched the series. Anyway I was thinking I wanted to make the costume look more like something someone of power would have, so I chose velvet for the entire costume, that and I just don't like that shiny cheap material I see capes made out of sometimes.

You're right about the bra/cheastplate thingy...it tends to slip down a tad(not enough to show anything...and I taped everything up so it wouldn't matter if it did, but all the same it doesn't look right...maybe I could get one in a smaller waist size to make it a little tighter...

I like the idea of make up...I'll try it, as long as it will stay put, yes think expensive stuff. Tan in a bottle is so hard to get even..even the new foam stuff, esp. when you have to do three applications to get it the right shade. I never thought about using make up...sounds easier. Has anyone ever used makup on their body? Any hints at what brand would be best?

Thanks again HowlinMadMurphy!

10-25-2003, 11:32 PM
I wouldn't have used velvet for everything--it looks great for the dress and leggings, but in the anime her shoulder-scarf is always a vibrant lime-green, and because yours is velvet it looks much too dark.

To hold the shoulder-armor thingy in place, you could make straps out of that clear bra-strap stuff and attach it to the bra.

For body makeup, Ben Nye and Kryolan are best. They're theatrical quality and can be found at makeup/theatrical supply stores.

10-25-2003, 11:44 PM
Actually the cape is bright lime green..in real life. The fabric has a nap if you hold it one way its dark green but the way its facing its lime green..the camera was usually at an angle...eventually I'll get some pics that show that more.


Found some batteries for my digi cam...these are sort of what the capes color looks life in real life...unless I run or sit its usually that bright color all over...cameras rufuse to capture that for some odd reason though. But I was going more for what it looks like in person anyway...I am so not photogenic :P