View Full Version : Clopin Crossplay Help

03-06-2011, 05:58 PM
Hello fancy fellow Disney cosplayers~ After my love for Hunchback of Notre Dame was rekindled by re-watching it, some lurking the internet turned it into a firey love once more, specfically for that gypsy king Clopin. After a bit of convincing me and my friends decided we're going to make the costumes (me as Clopin, another friend as Esmeralda. We also may have a Pheobus and gajinka goat :>) but I've run into a bit of trouble.

The tunic and tights are no problem - I have a pattern for the tunic I need to edit slightly and I'm going to splice some thicker material tights together for that (it will take forever but it'll be worth it). I can make the mask out of wire, flour water/glue, newspaper and cloth so I'm not worried about that either.

The hat, shoes and beard are what I need you lovely people's help with. Someone already suggested making the hat form out of craft foam and covering it with cloth, which actually sounds very awesome. But I'm stuck on his little jester shoes and the beard. I've heard of people using crepe wool(?) for beards and stuff but I'm not too sure how that works or how I'd style it for Clopin's beard.

Any tips, suggestions, links, etc? Please and thank you for the help!