View Full Version : Big Problem!

03-10-2011, 03:45 PM
I had a ride and a place to stay for the convention but well turns out my ride might not be able to go because of work trouble....i'm hoping he can if not i REALLY REALLY need a ride and am willing to pay 20 for gas if anyone can take me. At this point i'm desperate...i have a sinking feeling i'm going to miss Matsuri this year and i really don't want to i even grew out my hair. GRRRRR. I"m about on my knee's guys i don't know if it's a yes or no from my ride but just in case.....Help:lost::bigcry: Either PM me or post any of which works and for reference i live in Gladewater but can be in the Gilmer or Longview area, in TX if i have to be. Though that's about my radius...oh and anyone kind enough to help out i buy pizza for or something like that....HELP.