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10-28-2003, 02:37 PM
I'm sorry this is so late but, the idea of cosplaying Sohee just came to me a week ago. I figure since RO is such an easy thing to make fun of with the lags, down servers, and all that it would be a shame to waste such potentially good skit material.

Here is my idea:

Sohee: *wanders around stage, picking up several green apples with poring faces (inspired by a certain fanart.. Sohee is a not a thief), otherwise minding own buisness*

Chara 1: *walks on to stage, spots Sohee and grins..*

Chara 1 prepares to hit Sohee with sword (or whatever is usable). Sohee appears suprised if not frightened and attempts to sheild herself from the attack. RO Official walks on to stage and steps between them. Sohee and Chara 1 freeze in place as RO Official talks..

RO "Official": "Servers will be closing down in a few minutes for today's random update. Please save your game and log off.. NOW! Oh, and since the servers are running at full capacity players might experience some, small periods of lag while doing so."

RO Official looks all too smug and walks off leaving Chara 1 and Sohee to continue. Chara 1 finds -due to lag- he/she cannot move.

Chara 1: *mutters something about servers, lags, injustices*

Sohee, realizing Chara 1's situation takes the inituative to "jab" Chara 1 with her dagger. Chara 1 falls to the floor.. "dead"

This is not the final product by any means, I want to take as many suggestions as possible from both cast and posters. As for the requirements.. here is what I am looking for:

Chara 1: If possible, and I know with the time frame this may not be, a simple costume like that of any RO character. If not I'll take plain clothes. Need weapon that coinsides with Nekocon's rules (I suggest picking up something from your local Halloween store).

RO Offical: Plain clothes.. able to memorize a few lines and vocalize them, tape large sign with RO Official lettering to shirt.

Both people will need to be able to meet and rehearse with me late Friday night (you do not have to be in "costume"). I probably will not arrive until 9 PM so around 10:30 would be the time frame I'm looking for. Of course, both people will need to be available for the time our cosplay skit is up.

If anyone is interested or has suggestions please let me know as soon as possible!

10-28-2003, 05:43 PM
This has nothing to do with your skit, but I just thought you might want to check with Nekocon's rules.

Many anime conventions limit the type of costumes and skits that can be entered in the masquerade. It's usually restricted to Japanese anime or video games. Ragnarok Online (which is what I assume you mean by RO) is a Korean online RPG and may not be valid.

However, I don't know so check the con's rules or email them.

10-28-2003, 11:16 PM
I've seen an Ragnarok (anime) cosplay skit before so I'm not sure why it would be a problem.. but, I'll double check just to make sure. With some conventions you never know ^^"

11-02-2003, 09:01 PM
Eh.. nevermind. I might not be able to go to Nekocon after all. Stupid cold. ;.;