View Full Version : Any Local guitar players?(Portland, OR)

03-24-2011, 06:26 AM
Hey guys!

Just thought I'd throw this out here seeing is how there is a ton of anime lovers here, and I might get a better response then Craigslist! :toothy:

So basically I'm looking for a unique guitarist for a semi unique band idea. I think it would be fun to wright original music about an anime series..
We would wright songs, metaphorically, about an anime series(the same way bands wright music about people, politics, wars, etc..).
I might have a bass player lined up, so I'm looking for a guitar player(or two) and perhaps a singer..

Portland, OR area.. Please be serious, reliable, not a FLAKE, actually want to pursue your musical talent.
Age: 18+ Please be clean, like anime, be nerdy/geeky/laid back(like us), but also know when to be professional, and can get to practice. I'm looking to have a good time with this.
**I'm not looking for a pro guitarist.. If your new, BUT can play perfect! If your really good and still want this project, perfect!**
**I really don't care about what 'level' your at as long as you can actually play!**
I'm 30, clean, geek/nerd, and I'm a drummer. Been drumming for 13+ years, and I'm looking for a new, unique project.
I love music, being creative and collaborating with like minded people. I have a lot to offer being in a band, along with bringing plenty of ideas to the table.
I have a house we can play in, and I'm free on the weekends. (i work nights)
I have an nice electronic drum kit(growing), tuned up, and sounding tight! (used to have acoustic drums, but could never play them due to how loud the are). I can also do recording, and I have extensive studio knowledge.

04-21-2011, 11:52 PM
aw crap!! y in portland!! that sux ive been playin for 10 damn years and am very VERY good if i do say so myself..in fact this one guitar player i use to hang with called me a guitar god..i wouldnt go that far but its flattering haha