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03-26-2011, 01:59 PM
Hi guys (: so on this thread i would like to help people discuss to come up with some cool idea's for some original cosplays. The reason i came up with this is that i'm having some trouble myself coming up with ideas for how my original cosplay should look.
So i'm just going to put one rule, everytime you post don't just ask for some help for yourself, try to help somone else as well, even if it's just a small suggestion post atleast one in your help post, unless of course there is no new one, if not then don't worry about it obviously (:

So all i know for my original cosplay is that i want to use this wig http://www.hellocosplay.com/images/wigs/nurarihyon-no-mago-cosplay-yuki-onna-wig-1.jpg
So kind of a dark blue sea type theme, but not like a mermaid, so what type of costume do you think would go with this? i know i'm going to use something similar to Zelda ears and interesting symbols all over the face and arms if they are showing, so any cool ideas for what the costume itself should look like? at first i was thinking more of a kimono but i'm deciding more and more against it, so any character costumes that i could modify that you think would look cool? Thanks guys (: and i look forward to reading your posts! :bigtu:

04-02-2011, 10:58 AM
That is a super cool wig! I like the idea of Zelda ears and markings too. If possible, you could draw designs on some tights/nylons that match the ones you're going to do on your face.

Something tribal might be interesting, but you could mix it with tech since you're going for a blue colour scheme. Maybe something with a darker cape and a pleather bodice and skirt combo? If you change your mind and go for a kimono, as long as the symbols flow with the design, you should be fine. However, I can't see a longer kimono with a long wig like that.

Hope this helps :D

If you want to help with my own original cosplay, you can go to the thread I made for it. It's called "Dress design inspired by..."

Thanks :)

04-02-2011, 09:00 PM
That wig reminds me of darker water (and my own hair minus the white since mine is blue and black at the moment), so I think you should go with something that is really flowing and soft. Maybe use chiffons and lighter fabrics in blues and blacks. To give it a look of water, I would add crystals or clear sequins so that when the light hits it, it would be like light on water. As for actual shapes or clothing types, a long skirt that is either fitted until the knees and then flares to the floor (coincidentally it's call a mermaid skirt) or an A-line skirt with lots of layers so that when you walked it would sort of flow. Maybe do some flowing bell sleeves with it and then a fitted bodice. I could sit and sketch all sorts of ideas to go with that wig. Of course, I would do some kind of style to the wig myself (because long wigs like that tangle like a MOFO!!!) and then add crystals all in it too to look like water drops. For make-up, I would go all out with the blue tones and then use shimmer to make it appear "wet".

Then again, that's all just my opinion...

04-03-2011, 11:16 AM
The water idea definitely seems like a good idea, especially with that wig. Maybe a water nymph style?

04-10-2011, 02:32 PM
I am loving that wig! That's the kind of thing I might use if I was going to cosplay a personification of NYC's Manhattan Bridge.

But if you're going for a water idea, I would suggest lots of shimmery fabric- perhaps taffetta in various shades of blue, and blue-green. Or shimmery, iridescent organza. Depending on how those fabrics are used, and the garment they're fashioned into, they can look like the bridesmaid's dress from hell, or something beautiful and ethereal. You might want to look at the various fairy costumes out there, here's some you might play with.

This one's a ghost, but imagine what it might look like when made of several layers of shimmery blue/green organza:

This one's a belly dancer costume, but again, you can play with it- make one skirt, perhaps the one on the far right, out of the aforementioned organza, and layer it over the skirt in the middle, made of taffeta or something else shimmery. And you can also use the belt that the dancer in the middle is wearing, perhaps made of the same fabric as the underskirt, and decorated in a silver tribal water motif.


Here's a straight-up fairy costume- you could use one of the shorter tunics from this and wear it tucked into your skirt if you're not comfortable showing your midriff like the bellydancers do.

You might also take lengths of the organza and make long, cape-like streamers to hang from your back and shoulders- things that will flow nicely when you move around, kinda water-like.

For makeup, if you go with the water sprite idea, you might want something that will lend a blueish tinge to your skin, if not turn you all the way blue. And over that, some shimmery or iridescent blue/silver powder, to add some watery sparkle and shimmer.

Hope this helped!

04-22-2011, 03:22 AM
Heeeyyyy-- nice wig!!! :D!

Like astrya said previously about the water nymph suggestion, that was the first thought that popped into my head as well haha. Howsabouts a priestess of some sort? *insert cheeky face* Considering the colours of the wig; blue, white, black and silver would be nice colours to use in the costume. You could base it on a kimono and make it shorter (but IMHO, i think it has been done too many times). I'd suggest starting from scratch and making an original design though (because originality rocks ;D).

The wig looks kind of flashy, so your costume should contribute to that. I'm a person who likes harmonious designs, so i would say using more blue at the bottom of the costume would balance the amount of blue on the head.

You could experiment the design by randomly mixing costume features together through some sketching; thats how i do it. Different types of collars (if there will be one), bodice shapes, adding layers, brainstorm some fabrics you have in mind, ladida :D Just mix and match until something appeals to you.

It does take time to develop ideas though so don't rush - you don't want to finish making the costume and then think at the end, 'I should've used something else for this' or something LOL. Its happened to me when i first started sewing >< I was always too eager to getting to the practical part that i regretted doing or using something in the design.

Just have fun LOL! And i hope this was useful to anyone :)