View Full Version : Xiaolin Showdown

04-17-2011, 03:30 PM
Okay, I want to be Jack Spicer and Chase Young, since they're my favorite characters. I know how to get the clothing, BUT I CAN'T FIND A WIG TO STYLE. I know how to style wigs, but I can't find a wig suitable for their cosplay. Any tips/ideas?

09-25-2011, 02:11 PM
For Jack or for Chase? I would think Chase would be pretty easy to get something for, although you'll probably want to pay a bit more money in order to get something good from one of the widely known wigshops, like the cosworx/cosplay.com one or whatever you like. For Jack I would suggest something a bit longer than short and just work on cutting it and styling it more. For more masculine/short wigs it is actually safer to try ebay, since if they aren't the best wig ever in terms of how it feels, it is not miserable as a long one would be. I've had pretty good luck if you just shop around on ebay. With Jack's goggles you have a bit of leeway on the hairline as well for styling. You can also try looking through the wigs forum on here.

I REALLY want to cosplay Jack Spicer too. Not sure if I can pull him off, but I love him.

Edit: I also just looked around, and one of the people who has already done a Jack cosplay just bought a red bob styled wig and went from there.