View Full Version : Review: Comiccostumes / Hatandcape on eBay

04-19-2011, 10:43 PM
Last year i picked up a Green lantern costume form Comic-costumes on eBay, I paid close to $300.00 and what I received was a $40.00 pair of boots SPRAY PAINTED green. and a $50.00 cosfun.net costume. After talking with Martin (sales guy) on the phone I was lead to believe the costume was being custom made for me by them.

Several people complained on their eBay page so the created a new one Hatandcape is their new eBay user ID SO BEWARE.

All of their stuff seems to be resold from other sources like rubies and cosfun.net so do not get fooled.

I am now stuck with a crappy costume and boots that the paint flaked of of THE FIRST TIME I WORE THEM.