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04-25-2011, 10:37 PM
I went to Icon recently as an umbreon gijinka and though I was Happy with most of the results(I HATE my ears) there are parts I didn't have time for due to experience and work clogging my schedule. My dry run was the con and things went well then went down hill.
First the biggest problem; My tail. It is a bit big 24Inches long 21 1/2 thick at it's widest point. it isn't really that heavy only about 25oz(Total fill and fabric) And though the stitching causes it to twist a bit at the end I actually like the look it created so I'm fine with that.

-The problem is MAJOR sagging when attached and the whole tail twisting so that it is actually sideways. I need a way to attach to wear it so this doesn't happen. I have a coat hanger covered in foam to help with the shape as my sewing machine didn't really work so it constantly jammed and I had a problem sewing straight due to my machine. I thought this may be weighting the front down causing the turning but as I said to keep the smooth shape I kinda need it. I was planning on using a pool tube closer to the back to keep the weight there and removing the wire to use just the foam to smooth the front the tube as a skeleton if you will, based off This. (http://wolfbird.deviantart.com/art/Dragon-Tail-WIP-95087143)
-Once that's fixed I need to know how to avoid the severe sagging. I haven't the fainest idea why it does, the tail isn't that heavy and the off stitching is only on the front. I tried cutting slits in the tail itself to attach a belt, thick 'rope' attached to the tail to use and the usual stretch bands but it still sags horribly leading to it slipping under my shirt(which could be longer) to be seen, looking terrible and cheesy. - 'Solved' Currently in progress.

-Next my ears. I went with a head band and attempted to take them so that I can slip the ends over my ears to give them a more natural look coming right from my head instead of the obvious 'head band with ears popped on top'. I had some trouble getting them on since they were on the side and it's just awkward sewing through fabric and looping the thread through the headbands slotting. In the end the ends didn't come out right and I just had to keep my hair down until I got too hot and was forced to put it in a pony tail attempting to still cover my ears. (I can easily overheat so I had to do it.) Would a visor be better since I actually have something more stable on the side of my head to sew them too?
-Or should I go with my original idea, which was basically foam shells(I only have access to the large craft foam sheets) over my ears that were extended and shaped then covered with the fabric I used. How exactly would I go about doing those and make it so they stand up straight rather than point back if possible. If I do that how would I work my forehead ring? With the headband I just used three lines of black thread; one at the top then one on each side to keep it in place and from spinning due to wind. My hair is black so they weren't visible.

Update: 5/5/11
Found Fray Check at Walmart :)
Bought supplies to make tail skeleton.
Fitting foam for ears.
Still on the search for foam for feet!

04-26-2011, 07:31 AM
what u need
Hot glue gun
glue sticks
a pool noodle
your fabric
and elastic strips

Ok here is what i can suggest for the tail coat hanger break after strain what i suggest is get a pool noodle at the local dollar store cut it into segments some long and some short
next glue short segments of elastic to the noodles ends i suggest four around keep adding segments till the tail gets to the length you want it and remember the shorter the elastic the more shape it gives but if you put it at around 1/2 of an inch than it gives it room to move and looks more realistic also the noodle melts under the glue so you have to hold it and put extra pressure on it. now you fur it (or add the fabric). this is easy cut strips long enough to cover half of the noodle (front and back not top and bottom) glue it down than due the same for the back but be sure to check and make sure the two strips blend together before you glue so you dont get a line running down the tail last you place on a backing that you can loop a belt through so its easy to wear and wont rip the cosplay if some one pulls the tail

04-27-2011, 08:25 PM
Alright, I was planning on that method of it over the simple slicing for joints. How ever I will have to still stuff it due to the shape, it's not just a 'rope' it's an almond like shape. Any suggestions to the backing for the loops? I'm hoping that the lighter tubing and less fluff won't make it sag. I added pictures of the tail and headband I have now.

Also I was planning to make foot paws too but I am having a MAJOR problem finding foam. Any places to get it online cheap? The closest JoAnn is almost an hour away and I can't find someone willing to drive me that far for foam. I found this site but I don't know which to get and if they are good prices, note shipping will be 15$ http://www.rochfordsupply.com/shop/Foam/Foam_Sheets/Foam_Medium_Firm_HR_3319_-_Best_Value/index.html
I also found these which is much easier on my budget being that shipping will only got 5

04-28-2011, 11:38 AM
the hancockfabrics is a good price but try your local walmart if it has a sewing/crafts section they have the best foam prices

04-29-2011, 12:13 AM
I was planning on a trip there next week, I tired looking online but I can't find anything. Which doesn't surprise me. >_> I've seen something while I was there couldn't get it at the time and it didn't even exist online.

05-05-2011, 01:16 PM
So I finally got to one walmart yesterday. All I found were a 13x14 inch piece of Styrofoam for 7$. I personally wasn't happy with this price because I would need maybe three pieces to do ONE foot and they only had 3 left. The next isle over i found upholstery foam but it was pillow soft, and I knew it would be hell to carve. So though I'm going to try and get the bus after work to another Walmart right now my best bet is Hancock's