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05-08-2011, 12:27 AM
Howdy folks.
In my neck of the woods, most con goers know me as the box gundam, but instead of just donning a cardboard box and writing GUNDAM on it, I do rather interesting designs, giving it wings, some sort of shape, and some interesting weapons, as well as some sort of head piece.

So, at the last anime club meeting at the community college, several asked me what I was planning to add to the box gundam, and I told them I was going to do my original character, who in a sense is a type of battle robot from the distant future. I can't draw for beans, but I will be honest, a fair portion of it is original, with the torso and head being modified from current designs. I'm modifying the head from this unit:
But really I'm just removing the visor, and in my characters design, he does have some synthetic skin, and is always wearing shades.
As for the torso, I thought this was a interesting design, but once again, some tweaks were made to it, namely no backpack with thrusters because he is after all a land type battle machine.

Of course, for the rest I'm going with what looks good in my head, and have the basic measurements down. As for the color scheme, I have several in mind which I think look good. The schemes are as follows:
Arctic color scheme: a nice flat white with light gray accents to help it give the feel of a "arctic camouflage"
Military color scheme: a two-tone green paint job with white accents
Urban color scheme: this one is new, and it's a lighter shade of black, like gunmetal, as well as nice deep gray, and just like before, with white accents.

Of course there is story behind this guy, but I won't go into it because some of you might not be interested at all. But if you are, just drop me a line.

But overall, would this design be considered original, and not a carbon copy of something, or look like I raided my closet and made a closet cosplay and claim that it's a OC?

05-08-2011, 07:33 PM
Dude, if you raided our closet for THIS I'm gonna find where you live and take all your closet contents for myself.
A couple of us took bets before clicking on your link, and raced to what it looked like most.
second pic:
Gundam's are too detailed and complex to look like anything else, they're pretty particular, and you have a LOT of what makes classic Gundam mech here. You're fandom is shining!

and here's the kicker, this may hurt: I've watched maybe 2 episodes of Gundam.

That's all you'll get I have a feeling. If you're looking to make a Gundam project, I suggest changing the colors, unless they have meaning, then you're back to being a Gundam -.-

Robotics/mechs/etc are hard to mak original nowdays, seems like every base structure is taken either by Voltron/Transformers/Gundam/Evangelion/FUTURAMA! ^^
I mean, it's just one view. I'm hoping I can help without ticking you off :p

EDIT: basics of the story? I'm interested, and don't worry, I never steal ideas XD I cannot have any but my own and expect everyone else to have their own special story unique to the person. Never enough original ideas in teh world, I love seeing ppl succeed in this.

05-08-2011, 11:52 PM
Well, the character in my mind, he's no 40ft tall mech, but human size, around 6ft. As for the story, it takes place 300+ years into the future. Simply put, it's kinda reminiscent of the Terminator movies. Man makes super computer, computer becomes self aware, computer makes robots, man fights against it. But in a sense as well, because the computer became self aware, some of the robots follow suit, and that's where my character comes in. He isn't fighting for the computer, or for man kind. He just happens to help them from time to time, but he's really trying to find a place that he could call his utopia.

05-09-2011, 12:16 AM
sweet, I'll do the pm thing ^^