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Zephyr Rhapsody
11-11-2003, 01:48 PM
Thank you everyone for such a successful convention. Our game shows went rather well, I must admit. A cosplay panel earlier on Saturday went over its intended time, so events thereafter were experiencing some tardiness. I also had an easel with an advertisement saying "Anime Name that Tune: Now Starting" placed outside of the events room without knowing about this delay, so this is my apology to everyone feeling they waited too long in line for an event that was supposed to be "Now Starting." Otherwise, I feel the game went off amazingly well with fun for the audience, the contestants, and I assure our staff had fun, too. Rob Lantz, aka Jack Sparrow, proved his old-school knowledge whilst naming everything from Nadia to Future Boy Conan to win the tournament and be entered into the annual championship. I remember someone approaching me afterwards saying that they felt it was unfair that some of his knowledge (being an anime DJ, a master cosplayer, etc) should not have allowed to enter. I will say this once: We will not discriminate. Staff may not be eligible for prizes in some cases, but the tournament is set up to allow ten of the most knowledgable otaku to vie for the annual supremacy by representing a single convention at Katsucon. Not only do I condone his involvement, I encourage it because he, and everyone else, deserves to be rewarded for such knowledge. He even has been one of my role models for years because of his dedication to anime (and knowing the lyrics to a good amount of the songs we were playing), his superb costumes (complete with him always being in character - a feat hardly seen with most cosplayers these days), and his con-friendliness to everyone whether they are a Japanese-speaking anime guru or a newcomer influenced by Cartoon Network. The name of the game is who knows the most. He proved he did. End of story. There were more than enough prizes to go around to at least nine people, anyways. There are not many other game shows at anime conventions where so many people are rewarded. Kudos to everyone, because Nekocon's "Anime Name that Tune" had a lot of great contenders. Now... about nobody getting that "Duck Hunt" song...
The cosplay's intermission also featured our new favorite - "Zephyr Maru/Batz," which began at Otakon. This game was originally intended for a room with many fans and no chairs, so making the change to using O/X signs for a packed crowd of seated cosplay-observers was difficult, but I thought it was quite successful. I didn't see more than a dozen people leave that room during halftime - a sight that I have never, ever seen at any cosplay intermission in the past. I would swear I even saw more people in the audience than during cosplay because the cosplay had to cap the audience volume. I would like to thank everyone in the crowd for their support and their involvement for what I hope was a good time. I was also amazed that, except for the rare one or two, everyone was overwhelmingly honest and honorable about when they were wrong and by playing fair. That was most admirable and we're proud to do everything we can for your enjoyment and fun when you offer us such respect. Thank you everybody.
So, without further Apu, I open the floor to anecdotes, feeling about either game, questions, concerns, etc. Free Hat!

- Corey Gough
Zephyr Game Shows

PS Check out Kevin Lillard's Nekocon game show section at www.fansview.com. Getting home and having someone tell me that there was an entire section of four pages devoted to pictures from our two games was most flattering. The pictures definitely speak a thousand words; whether they are of a hundred audience members with "Maru/Batz" signs, a chopstick-wielding fan celebrating when she heard she could keep the rice, or of a contestant in the finals of "Anime Name that Tune" doing Super Cool right next to Jack Sparrow! Check them out. They're amazing!

11-12-2003, 10:54 AM
Thank you for organizing the game shows! I had a lot of fun during the cosplay intermission. Although, that 'Initial D' question was nasty. It was a very entertaining and creative way to pass the intermission. Including the whole audience was a nice touch.

Zephyr Rhapsody
11-12-2003, 12:34 PM
I'm glad you had fun. There will always be tricky questions in "Zephyr Maru/Batz." It's how you disqualify people. The Japanese game show on television, "Maru Batz," is the same way. They use difficult questions to get through the masses, intentionally trying to trick them often. It's not necessarily the goal to choose the more knowledgable contestants, but to mix knowledge and time efficiency. I don't know, though... any fan of "Initial D" should know that the 86 is a Toyota (equivalent to the Corolla). If I were in your shoes, I'd probably get more wrong, so I'm glad I'm on the side where I can hide all of my anime ignorance.

We also noticed that very few people left the cosplay intermission. Does this mean that people were enjoying their time and were having fun? I certainly hope so or else I'm out of a job. I was afraid that people may be getting sick of game shows, though I must admit packing the room for "Anime Name that Tune" and the overwhelmingly large volume of the audience for "Zephyr's Maru/Batz" speaks otherwise.

We do apologize for being short on signs for participants. There was a resource problem whilst making the signs that led to at least a dozen signs becoming garbage. I won't go into that, though. I wish we could have had more participants. I guess we'll just have to look into that for next time.

Speaking of which, who wants to see us back next time with more signs, more prizes, and new, original mini-games?

- Corey Gough
Zephyr Game Shows

11-12-2003, 12:49 PM
yeah I was in the back during the games and was denied signage because there werent enough. But it was still fun watching and trying to guess what the answers were. Im not to knowledgable in anime myself. Not yet anyway. I missed out on the other games because...I dont know why, I really shouldve looked at my program more and attended more panals. Still it was fun. I think one reason I missed out was because I didnt want to wait in lines. Next year I probably just wait cause I dont want to miss out on the fun again. Plus standing in line does give the oppurtunity to talk to new people and make new friends. Otaku's are fun. :bigtu:

11-15-2003, 09:22 PM
Sana-chan from "Anime Name That Tune!" here!

I'm not upset Jack Sparrow beat me; he knew just about EVERYTHING! (Besides, I got to hug him so it made it worth while. :) )

My first round was awful, neither myself nor my competitor could recognize anything. (Until for some reason they played "Sailormoon Christmas" which I got right.) And but of course, everything I recognized played in the rounds after me. ^_^; If I remember correctly the announcer told me if I waved my arm any faster I might just fly away.

My second round I recognized only two of the many songs played. As I said, Jack was amazing at it! The songs I got right for this round was Terra's Theme from Final Fantasy VI (note to soundboard people: MAKE THE VOLUME LOUDER.) and the theme to Wedding Peach.

I don't understand the DiGi Charat manga I won (it's a little too insane), but the T-shirt made a nice consolation. :) Shame they cut off the audience during the middle of "Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku", we were all having a lot of fun singing it.

I'm just curious. How the heck could those guys NOT recognize the Duck Hunt theme!? I'm way younger than they are and even I recognized it! xD; It was also rather humorous to see how long it took someone to recognize the theme to Big O. I understand not recognizing the very beginning of the song, but once they start singing "Big O" you'd think someone would recognize it...

This was Sana-chan, signing off!

Catboi Blues
11-15-2003, 11:57 PM
Sorry about the sound there, it varied from track to track. As for the other song, I'll keep it in mind for the future. Not always my call though, but I'll try.