View Full Version : Lunacon II: the second cosplay party day in Ann Arbor.

05-31-2011, 04:13 PM
Hi there Michigan Cosplayers!

I'm just posting a quick invite to those of you not on my facebook about my second cosplay party day in Ann Arbor. It will be taking place June 18th, 2011 around 1pm for those meeting in Ann Arbor. For anyone that needs to get dressed or made up before hand PM me for my address. We will be meeting earlier at my house to get dressed.

After the success and fun of my cosplay birthday in November, and my missing my con friends already, I am instituting another cosplay day in Ann Arbor. We will grab Bubble tea, do a photo shoot, and enjoy some sushi. There is also an arcade nearby if anyone is interested in gaming. Also gelato, fro yo, and mochi ice cream.

Wear whatever costume you want, as long as it's not your birthday suit!

I am always really excited to see everyone!

Please remember that parking in Ann Arbor is not free! We will be parking at the Forrest and South University structure for those of you heading straight there.