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Did you guys see this costume? Its so bad-ass. I want to make a costume similar but not exact. I have a few concerns though, starting with...well...the fact I've never cos-played before and I have a deadline for next week!

Sooo....with that said.....help please!?

My main concerns are this:

1) Where can I get a mask like that?
2) The eyes are bad-ass and you can see through them. How do you do that??
3) I saw a type of paint that works on fabric. If I get a t-shirt similar to that, can I paint on it as well?
4) Where can I get similar pants?

Thank you!

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06-10-2011, 09:37 PM
For a mask like that, you'd want to make one. You can see he likely made his, with the seam on the top.

I'll put up a few suggestions that may help you get started on making that mask, specifically the eyes and such.

You'd want to make the mask in 3, well technically 4 layers.

The first thing you want to get is get a blank Halloween face mask that has an elastic that goes around your held to hold it in place. Something like this:


Then you want to cut it so it looks something like this:


You're cutting it so you can talk and breath comfortable and it wont sound like you're wearing a mask.

This is going to be the foundation that you start building your mask on. This is critical for a few reasons:

It will help keep the mask from moving around your head and help keep the eye holes lined up so you can see out of them.
It will help keep the material contoured to a facial structure so the mask doesn't end up looking like a head-shaped-bag over your head.
It's way easier and comfortable to wear all night.

I'd think, for the actual mask, you'd make the red portion, cute out the big areas where the black will be and sew some black, from behind the red, to fill in the holes, then cut out holes from the black and sew some white in the back to fill in those eye holes.

Then, using small dabs of hot glue, you would hot glue the material to the plastic mask in these spots marked by the red (blue spots are optional spots, depending how the mask is sitting). I mean, hot glue it so it loosk good but ideally, you're trying to maintain contours around the nose, cheek and eye areas:


For material, I'd just say get 2 square yards of some normal cotton red material from a fabric store, and ideally the same TYPE of material (the same line and maker) of black and white. So, I'd work backwards and go around holding the white up to your eye until you find some thing enough to see through and make sure they have black and red of the same type. You'd need less black and white for the mask, obviously. Shouldn't cost too much.

The pants look like some outsoorsey sporting pants, like moto-cross pants or something. If you can't find something pre-made for the pants and shirt, buy red ones that will look right and sew black onto them.

The leg gear is easy to get at any Army/Navy surplus store or law enforcement gear store.

Some red soccer shin guards from a sporting goods store and some fake swords and you're in good shape.

You can make the belt buckle easy enough by just printing out the image on sticker paper and sticking it to a circular belt buckle.

I would shy away from using fabric paint for anything big as it's, in my experience, not accurate, reliable, and easy to work with for a first-timer. If you are thinking about painting anything, try getting some iron-on t shirt design paper for your printer. Print your designs out on the paper and iron it on to the material. Always do a small test run on some spare material before you do it on the final product!

Good luck!

06-10-2011, 11:05 PM
You can get them on ebay with the see-through eyes:


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Well shiver me timbers...