View Full Version : L cosplay problem

ciel lawliet
06-21-2011, 11:30 PM
Basically im going 2 cosplay as L 4 halloween so i hav some time 2 get it ready but i've looked everywhere and i cant find any cosplay costumes 4 L i've got a wig ready 2 by and all but thats about it
i need
1. long sleeved white jumper
2. Baggy kinda jeans
3. batty tenis shoes
and thats about it please help me and if u could not to expensive cuz im kinda short on cash

06-21-2011, 11:57 PM
For the clothes, the thing you really want to keep in mind is the fit. They need to be baggy, but not so huge that they look like a tent on you.
Make sure the sleeves on your shirt don't have any kind of cuffs at the end. A lot of long sleeved T-shirts have those, but L's shirt doesn't have them. If you want, I think I can find a link for you where you can buy the shirt.
Whether you're a guy or a girl, get men's jeans. Women's jeans are cut differently.

I'm still not really sure what to do about footwear. I had sneakers that were similar to the ones L wears in L: change the WorLd, so I wore those for a while, but I really didn't like how they looked in pictures. For my last con, I wore the plainest flip-flops I could find. You could try that if you don't find sneakers you're happy with.