View Full Version : Euphemia li Brittania cosplay

06-25-2011, 04:51 PM
Okay, so the next costume I plan to be working on is Euphemia from Code Geass, her dress from the artbook where she is with Cornelia


However, as I am still new to sewing, I just need some pointers in the right direction, such as good patterns to work from, petticoats or hoopskirts, etc.

As you can see I'm taking on a big challenge, but I know I can do it! Anyone have any good suggestions? :)

08-14-2011, 10:15 PM
Not sure if you're wanting to make a corset along with this, but something I recommend is off this following website.
You can get hoop boning here, and also anything for a corset if your going for that.

Pattern that I've used is Butterick 6693
or there is a Vouge pattern that has a bussler (the white and gold overlay) in the wedding dress section. i think it is 9855 but their numbers might have changed.
As for a hoop skirt you can get them on ebay, but if you want to make one you can order the supplies from the site above and look at JoAnn's patterns, in the 'Civil war section' of the simplicity books you can find several patterns there. Remember the heavier the dress the more hoops you need, by the looks of the picture you need a minimum of 4.
I hope that helps!