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06-26-2011, 12:44 PM
Konnichiwa, I was wondering if i could get some help from some much more experienced cosplayers with this cosplay since this is the first time. So far I have yet to start and the deadline for this cosplay is AWA 2011.

Since this is the first time I've ever made a cosplay from scratch, I plan to buy a few things such as the Oberstammführer rank shoulder straps off of the internet, instead of trying to make my own just because I can get high quality replicas on e-bay for like $10-$15. I need suggestions though on stuff like what type of fabric to use etc. and tutorials for making stuff like his uniform.

I have next to no experience with sowing stuff, I know how but I've never done anything bigger then repair a small hole in a shirt/pants which isn't very special. Also if you don't know who Schrödinger I have included some links for reference. My total budget on this cosplay is $200, so I'm determined to get this cosplay perfect regardless of the cost. (For a real world comparison his cosplay is based off of the Hitler Youth Uniform)


07-28-2011, 10:18 PM
I've been considering this cosplay as well and theres alot of pieces to consider. It seems like a fairly easy costume to purchase in pieces.
Since school is getting ready to be back in session there are alot of uniform clothing in stores. I figure you purchase a pair of black shorts and hem them so they have a cuff at the end. (pretty much fold upwards and add a few stitches so the cuff stays)

as for the shirt i have found that to be much more difficult. The closest thing i ever found to fit that was a few years ago in my high school. We have NJROTC and they were military type uniforms and one year their shirt was perfect for Schrodingers Hitler youth uniform... guess thats why they call them the Rotc (rot-CEE) nazis lol.

I found a near perfect solution to the socks. Soccer socks that were black with the very top being a line of white, folded that over and the white line was in the perfect place for his socks.

Shoes- I figure would be just a pair of combat boots, readily available at you friendly neighborhood army surplus store.

armband- i planned on sewing my own, but its not difficult to get a replica.

the belt- they are expensive to buy with the little stap attached. I figure you could get a generic black belt and find a strap and attach.

tie- skinny black tie, possibly a clip on. found mostly likely in a boys section in a department store... again its school season so prolly not tooooooo hard to find. ad the appropriate trim and viola! tie.

kitty cat ears- " come here mr. whiskers! i got a friend i need you to meet" lol jk theres loads of tutorials on how to make cat ears. you could always commission that too.
lol i've put alot of time into thinking this costume through and just never got around to making it real. eventually though i will make this costume...