View Full Version : Epona cosplay: Need a load of help XD

07-25-2011, 03:30 AM
after pretty much no though of how to do this, I have decided to make an Epona quadsuit. I saw one on youtube, and i wanted one. XD I wanted to do the foal version of her, no saddle and whatnot.
I know how quadsuits work, but ill still need a lot of advice and stuff. My main issues are the shape of her body, the hooves and visability. Because it's a horse, the neck's gonna be longer and i may have to look out of the horses chest, so how do i hide my vision place? XD

I also have a neighbour, a wee little kid who is zelda obsessed like me, and after a lot of begging and me eventually giving in to the kids cuteness, i am going to carry a teeny tiny little link on my back XD (don't worry, the kid's tiny, and she's a horserider, she's not likely to fall off) so i'll need a way to make the quadsuit strong enough (mainly the stilts) to carry the extra 20-30 kilo's. :P (bearing in mind the kid won't be on my back all day, i will get tired eventually)

another issue is how to stick the fur together. I know. I'm a fursuit/ quadsuit n00b and this will be the biggest project iv'e ever done. Any hints on the head would also be amazing. Generally, any help at all. XD

Big thanks in advance!!